Return on Disinvestment: Threadbare Mental Health System Exemplifies the Case Against Tax Cuts | Print |
January 2016

In his proposed state budget for 2016-17, Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for another round of significant tax cuts, this time on the order of a billion dollars. He proposes these cuts at the expense of funding for essential state services that have the potential to improve the lives of countless Floridians as well as Florida's fiscal and economic bottom lines. A prime example of an area where the Governor and Legislature have starved an essential service system to the breaking point is in the area of mental health.

In the most recent recognized comparison for which Florida-specific data was available, Florida ranked second to last (50th) among the states and the District of Columbia in percapita funding for mental health services.

For a relatively small investment, the Governor and Legislature could begin to reverse the effects of systematic disinvestment in the state-supported mental health system.

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