More Low-Income Floridians Served Through Medicaid: Context and Implications | Print |
October 2015

Despite Florida's strict eligibility rules, enrollment in Florida Medicaid continues to increase.

Increased Medicaid enrollment means that more extremely low-income, uninsured Floridians have health coverage they could not otherwise obtain.

Beyond this, the increases coincide with the launch and increasing awareness of the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, the subsidies available through the Marketplace that make coverage affordable, and the "No Wrong Door" system that facilitates enrollment in the appropriate coverage program.   

These elements have outstripped other demographic and economic factors in terms of their impact on enrollment during the past two years, but should have a far less substantial effect going forward.

 Recent consternation in response to enrollment growth in the Medicaid program is misplaced. Rather, concern might be better focused on the high numbers of Floridians living below the poverty line, with a focus on those caught in the health care coverage gap and therefore remain uninsured. The vast majority have no hope of obtaining coverage until such time as Florida expands Medicaid as called for in the ACA.

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