Proposed Rate Increases for Health Coverage in 2016 Likely to be Moderate, Irrelevant to What Consumers Actually Pay | Print |
July 2015

Most Floridians who directly purchase their health coverage on the state's individual market will be enrolled in a plan proposing moderate rate increases very much in line with pre-Affordable Care Act levels.

Most importantly, under the Affordable Care Act, plan rates and consumer premiums are often two entirely distinct concepts.  Given that the majority of Florida's individual market is now comprised of consumers purchasing coverage in the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, and that 94 percent of Marketplace customers received financial assistance in the form of Advance Premium Tax Credits in 2015, it is reasonable to expect that consumers purchasing their own coverage will see at most a nominal increase in the premiums they pay. 

Furthermore, those that would face premium increases may find them reduced or eliminated by switching to a different but comparable plan during the upcoming 2016 Open Enrollment period.

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