Measured Growth in the Medicaid Budget and of Managed Care Plan Payment Rates Will Constrain Costs of Medicaid Expansion | Print |
June 2015

In the most recent round of debate by the Florida Legislature over whether or not to extend coverage to hundreds of thousands of the lowest-income Floridians though the Medicaid program (or an alternative that meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act), opponents invoked many familiar and long-debunked arguments. 

Perhaps the oldest and most often cited of these claims is the assertion that the current Medicaid program is "spiraling out of control" and "swallowing the state budget."  But expansion would reduce state general revenue spending for Medicaid in the short term and the primary components of future spending growth appear poised to remain well-constrained over time as well. 

Examination of the spending picture makes it clear that not only is Medicaid a manageable and sustainable component of the state budget, expansion as called for in the Affordable Care Act would do nothing to alter that reality.


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