Changes to Medically Needy Program Will Push Most Out of Coverage | Print |
June 2012

The Medically Needy component of the Medicaid program provides short-term coverage to Floridians who are over income for regular Medicaid but have catastrophic medical expenses.

On April 26, the state requested federal permission to require, for the first time, that all Medically Needy participants enroll in a managed care plan and pay monthly premiums, purportedly to ensure their access to continuous coverage.  However, failure to pay those premiums, which could absorb up to 90 percent of a participant's household income, would end their eligibility for Medicaid altogether.

Virtually no Medically Needy participants would be able to afford the premiums, and the inevitable result would be loss of access to Medicaid and harm to hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable Floridians.

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