Legislature Advances Tax Breaks Despite Revenue Inadequate for Critical State Services | Print |
March 2012

The Florida Legislature moved closer this week to enacting $125 million in special-interest tax breaks even as it finalizes a state budget balanced only by deep funding cuts for state universities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

In addition to the business tax cuts, the legislature is considering new direct appropriations for sporting events in the name of economic development: $1 million to the Central Florida Sports Commission "for securing the Major League Soccer combine and spring training" and another $1 million for the "World Class International Regatta Sports Center" in Sarasota.

Tax cuts and other giveaways reduce revenue available to meet critical state needs in public schools, colleges and universities, healthcare, and social services. Each dollar given away takes money away from those state responsibilities. They also add to the billions of dollars already lost each year through the hundreds of exemptions, exclusions, deductions, and credits in Florida's tax laws.

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