Senate Moves Closer to House on Medicaid HMO Profits | Print |

The House and Senate have made a top priority this year of moving to a statewide managed-care system, but have numerous major differences in their plans. Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Scott want to control rising Medicaid costs and also argue that many beneficiaries do not receive quality care in the currently fragmented system.

But lobbyist Karen Woodall, a longtime critic of moving to a managed-care system, said the federal government pays about $12 billion of the program's $20 billion in costs. She questioned legislative arguments that Medicaid is "hijacking" the state budget.

"I think the notion that Medicaid is out of control is a little bit of a mischaracterization'' of that part of the budget, said Woodall, who represented the left-leaning Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy at Wednesday’s meeting.

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