April 30, 2010

Although Florida lost an estimated 4,000 jobs in March, the slight decline provides further hope that the state is poised for job growth in the months ahead.

The decline came after an estimated increase of 26,300 jobs in February – the first significant hike since Florida’s jobs total began dropping three years ago.  Less than a year ago, the Florida economy was shedding tens of thousands of jobs each month, so a 4,000-job decline looks relatively good in comparison and in a state with 7,181,000 nonfarm jobs.

About 63,000 Floridians will begin working in census jobs over the next six months, both full- and part-time, providing a boost to the total number of jobs in the state.

The Sunshine State has lost more than 900,000 jobs since March 2007.  It’s expected to take four years or more before Florida replaces that many jobs.

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