Medicaid Program Shouldn’t Be Changed Now | Print |  E-mail
April 2010

The 2010 Florida Legislature has set its sights on expanding the Medicaid reform experiment piloted in Broward, Duval, Clay and Nassau counties as authorized in 2005.  Until there is better assurance that Medicaid recipients will have appropriate access to needed services, the proposed expansion should be studied further and not rushed.

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Little Evidence Exists to Show Private Prisons Are Cheaper or Better | Print |  E-mail
April 2010

After more than a decade of experience, little evidence exists to show that privately operated prisons are less expensive or more effective in rehabilitating prisoners, FCFEP concludes in a new report.

Florida's experience with privatized prisons raises serious questions about whether the taxpayers are getting their money's worth.

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Tax Breaks Shift Money to a Few Winners and Compete for Limited State Revenue | Print |  E-mail
April 2010

Tax subsidies to businesses to create jobs often result in little more than shifting money to a few corporate winners and reducing the amount of state revenue for vital state services like education and healthcare. Tax breaks come at the expense of a more important job-creation tool: creating a high quality of life and investing in Floridians who can prosper in life and add value to the state.

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Florida’s Economy, Taxes, and Results | Print |  E-mail
April 2010
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Replacing 900,000 Florida Jobs Lost in the Recession Could Take Years | Print |  E-mail
March 2010

Florida has lost more than 900,000 jobs since the downturn began affecting the state Florida three years ago. Unlike in mild and brief recessions in the early 1990s and 2000s, jobs recovery from the current downturn will take years.

As Florida rebounds from the recession, state policymakers face two essential tasks: rebuilding a damaged economy—ideally with a greater proportion of higher-paying jobs—while simultaneously meeting the needs of workers and families struggling to cope with job losses and other financial pressures.

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