The Facts About Florida Taxes: Among the Lowest in the Nation | Print |  E-mail
February 2011

The current emphasis in Tallahassee on cutting state taxes obscures important facts about Florida's tax system and about choices available to balance the budget and meet the needs of Floridians.

Florida is a low-tax state.  In addition, the amount paid by corporations relative to total income in Florida is shrinking.  Moderate- and low-income taxpayers are paying a greater share of the tax load.

Despite a budget gap that exceeds $4 billion, Florida's leaders are not considering a balanced approach including closing tax loopholes to fix the budget shortfall.

Closing loopholes to raise revenues for state needs is an alternative to the path of tax and spending cuts being taken by political leaders this year.  Reforming the tax structure would minimize cuts to services and make the tax system more fair.

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FCFEP Chair Discusses Tax Cuts And Economic Development | Print |  E-mail
January 2011

Dr. Nelson Easterling writes that the trickle-down theory of tax cuts for the wealthy doesn’t work.

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Flawed Medicaid Proposals Would Kill Florida Jobs | Print |  E-mail
January 2011

Critics have consistently portrayed Florida's Medicaid program as an unsustainable drain on Florida's budget, setting the stage for a number of legislative proposals to cut the program.

In reality, however, beyond the critical role it plays in the lives of recipients and in the health care system as a whole, Medicaid is also a highly efficient job creator and economic catalyst, in part because the majority of funding comes from the federal government.

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Paying More for Less: Budget Cuts Will Hurt Floridians As Tax System Remains Inadequate | Print |  E-mail
January 2011

Florida’s new governor and legislative leaders have indicated that they will rely solely on spending cuts to balance the state budget in the legislative session beginning in  March.  Once again Florida faces a gap – this one estimated at $3.5 billion – between anticipated revenue and the costs of continuing current state services.

Since 2007, the legislature has taken a series of actions to balance the budget in response to the recession.  Included are cuts to services depended upon by Floridians and imposing new fees and taxes that hit middle- and low-income Floridians disproportionately.

The result is that these Florida residents are being asked to pay a heavier tax burden for a reduced level of public services.

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Medicaid Is an Inappropriate Scapegoat for Budget Woes | Print |  E-mail
November 2010

One certain target for budget cuts as  legislators begin balancing next year’s Florida budget will be the Medicaid program.

In attempting to build a case for slashing Medicaid, however, critics have overstated and even misrepresented the nature of both recent trends and future projections.

Medicaid is an inappropriate scapegoat for Florida's budget woes, particularly because the health and well-being of the most vulnerable Floridians who must rely on it hang in the balance.

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