State Provides Billions in Benefits to Business With Little Accountability | Print |  E-mail
November 2011

Florida provides more than $4 billion to business through the state budget and tax laws each year, with little or no examination or review.  Before even more breaks are enacted, as proposed by the governor and business organizations, the public interest would be served through an open, transparent assessment of current benefits.

Accountability is a mantra of state leaders when applied to teachers, whose salaries are now tied to students' test results, and public employees, whose names and salaries are available on the governor's website.  Yet no equivalent accountability mechanisms exist for the billions of tax dollars devoted each year to businesses.

Understanding current breaks given to business is necessary to determine whether corporations and other profitable businesses pay their fair share for the public infrastructure critical to ensuring that Florida is a good place to live and conduct business.

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A Closer Look at Florida’s Refusal to Implement the Affordable Care Act | Print |  E-mail
November 2011

With key components of the Affordable Care Act taking effect by January 2014, refusal by Florida's elected leadership to move forward with any aspect of ACA implementation has already left the state "a lap behind" with respect to completion of the basic tasks.

Only 26 of the original 45 months of the implementation "race" remain, and Florida has yet to start its engine.

Leaders' actions aim to thwart access by Florida's families and small businesses to billions in Florida's rightful share of federal tax dollars that would provide affordable, meaningful coverage for many who lack it, while strengthening and protecting coverage for those who already have it.

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Tax Incentives Don’t Create Jobs, But Redistribute Income Upwards | Print |  E-mail
November 2011

Tax incentives designed as economic development tools do not work.

But they are not only failures in that regard; they are actually destructive forces in the economy.

Their failure is proved by the lack of jobs that have been created and the costs associated with their enactment.  The simple fact is they do not CREATE jobs.  At best, they simply move them from one state or locale to another.  And if Florida can induce a company to relocate a job here, another state can induce another company to move a job there.

It is at best a zero sum game.  For us.  But it is not a zero sum game for the corporations.

These tax incentives should be seen for what they really are: another tool for redistributing income and wealth upwards.

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Florida's Tax System | Print |  E-mail
October 2011
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Amendment 3: “TABOR/Smart Caps” | Print |  E-mail
October 2011
The Impact on Florida’s Kids, Communities and Economy

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