Newsletter: Cigarette Tax Increases on Many States’ Agenda | Print |  E-mail
March 2009

Legislatures in at least 16 states in addition to Florida, even Kentucky and Virginia, are considering cigarette tax increases this year to deal with revenue shortfalls, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Legislative Alert! | Print |  E-mail
March 2009

The Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy recently published recommendations and suggestions for modernizing Florida’s tax policy and making the system fairer. The Center’s proposals call for closing loopholes in the corporate income tax that only large multi-state corporations can use and ending the exemption of corporations that operate under certain legal forms. Further, the Center recommends a process for the review and repeal of existing exemptions and exclusions in the sales and use tax, an end to unwarranted subsidies and improved compliance with the taxation of internet sales.

A Closer Look at Tobacco Taxes in Florida’s Fiscal Crisis: The Prescription | Print |  E-mail
March 2009

Recommendation: Raise the cigarette tax by $1.00 per pack and increase the tax on “other tobacco products” to 100% of the wholesale price. It is estimated that this change in tax rate will add an additional $1,000.8 million to the state’s recurring general revenues.

A Closer Look at Sales and Use Tax "Florida's Fiscal Crisis: The Prescription" | Print |  E-mail
March 2009

The Center’s Sales and Use Tax recommendation has two parts: (1) a tax rate change, and (2) a broadening of the tax base. The combined effect is an increase in recurring General Revenues and a more equitable tax structure that asks everyone to pay their fair share.

A Closer Look at Corporate and Business Tax Proposals in “Florida’s Fiscal Crisis: The Prescription” | Print |  E-mail
February 2009

The basic rationale for levying business taxes is to pay for government services that directly and indirectly benefit businesses. Are businesses paying their fair share of taxes in Florida and how do they compare to other states? Is Florida tax policy affecting the many different businesses and corporate entities equally and fairly?

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