3.6 Million Floridians Lack Health Insurance | Print |  E-mail
November 2009

One in five Floridians lacked health coverage in 2008 as poverty increased and median income fell.

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Florida A State in Trouble. Wise Choices Are Needed. | Print |  E-mail
September 2009

Economic troubles are worsened by the state’s tax structure.

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Thousands of unemployed to lose benefits | Print |  E-mail
September 2009

Next month, extended unemployment benefits will end for more than 31,500 unemployed Floridians.

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Troubling Trends Threaten Florida’s Well-Being | Print |  E-mail
July 2009

In this first annual examination of key economic indicators, the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy offers an assessment of the state’s well-being. The numbers add up to disturbing trends that threaten the well-being of the state and its people. The data and trends raise the question of whether Florida is where it needs to be for the best interests of its people – and what can be done to improve the situation.

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The FY 2010 State of Florida Budget: A Few Good Elements, But Mostly Troubling | Print |  E-mail
May 2009

Before the 2009 legislative session, FCFEP recommended comprehensive changes to modernize Florida’s revenue structure and make it fairer. Those changes could have produced more than $4 billion each year for vital state programs and services. (See Florida’s Fiscal Crisis: The Prescription)

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