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Here we are at the bottom of a deep hole, and now Gov. Charlie Crist offers us a shovel when we could really use a ladder.

The crushing irony of a stubborn recession like this one is that the needs of ordinary families grow at the same time the resources available to the state to meet them drops.  Like other states, Florida has seen a bigger decline in revenues than ever before.

The governor's recent proposal to reduce or eliminate Florida's corporate income tax would dig the hole deeper, costing the state up to $1.5 billion that could help struggling families with education, healthcare and any number of other important services.

> Read the op-ed by FCFEP Executive Director John Hall in the Miami Herald.

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See the article in the Bradenton Herald.
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The next state budget is being developed now.  State law requires agencies to submit budget requests based on “actual needs” – but the agencies have been asked to hold down what they ask for.

Failing to specify the real needs of Floridians “increases the likelihood that the Legislature will make the mistake of trying to balance next year's budget solely with budget cuts,” Executive Director John C. Hall writes in the St. Petersburg Times.

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One in five Floridians, or more than 3.6 million people, were without health coverage last year as poverty increased in the state and median income fell nearly 4 percent to $46,206 in the 2007-08 period compared to the 2005-06 average of $48,095.

"Far too many Floridians lack adequate health coverage and even more are at risk of losing coverage because of the weakness of the economy," said John Hall, executive director of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, in a news release.

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Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell on Florida's problems:

A new report from the independent Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy spells out precisely why Florida is suffering more than most states during the current recession.

"Population growth has been the fuel that powers Florida's economy," said the study, which went on to say that the combination of stalled growth and failed economic policies "threaten the well-being of the state and its people."

Read the column.

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