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In spite of all the media and political attention devoted to it, only 3 percent of Floridians believe tax relief should be the top priority of Gov. Rick Scott.

Perhaps that finding underscores what the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy has been saying for years. Compared to other states, Florida is a low tax state, and the amount paid by corporations as a percentage of total state income is shrinking.

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Gov. Scott's banking on saving money by relying more on privatized prisons. But a 2010 Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy report declared "there is no compelling evidence that the privatization of prisons has actually resulted in savings."

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“This is a work in progress,” said Karen Woodall, of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, who advocates for the unemployed. At least, she said, “the Senate is taking a much more responsible approach than the House.”

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Advocates for the poor expressed concern that private insurers may deliver fewer services.

"I'm not opposed to what we call 'care management,' " said Karen Woodall of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, a think tank and advocacy group for low-income Floridians.

"Our concerns are related to managed-care entities that are for-profit HMOs. We continue to be concerned about any proposals that would push a greater number into for-profit HMOs."

That led activist Woodall to question where that money would be made up.

"We think that's great," she said. "But it's pretty expensive. If you're planning to save money, and you're going to increase those reimbursement rates, the only place left to get any savings is reducing benefits. And that's our concern.

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And the current system already provides benefits to just 22 percent of the unemployed people in Florida, said Karen Woodall, interim executive director of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, a think tank in Tallahassee that focuses on issues for low- and middle-income families.

"We don't have a fluffy-guffy system here," she said. "It's difficult to access benefits."

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