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In 2009, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy issued a report showing that the wealthiest 1 percent of Floridians paid an average 2.1 percent of personal income in taxes while the bottom 20 percent of workers (many public employees) paid 13.5 percent. The Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy estimates that tax breaks for that top 1 percent have cost the state a whopping $12 billion over the past decade.

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The Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy stated that "service cuts are unlikely to yield significant savings ... as there is little to cut without reaching the bare federal minimum or causing significant harm to the Floridians who must rely on Medicaid. ... Such cuts will cost the state much more than they save."

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Karen Woodall, Director of the Florida Center for Economic and Fiscal Policy, says the savings are minuscule compared to the effect on jobseekers.

“The attitude up here is just really distressing because we should all be working on creating those jobs, getting people back to work and supporting them while they are caught in the middle,” said Woodall.

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Opponents: Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy

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Karen Woodall, a worker advocate and co-founder of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, called the bill "just atrocious.""This bill is essentially asking unemployed workers to be responsible for making the trust fund solvent again," Woodall said. "If you want to help small business, that's fine. Don't do it at the expense of unemployed workers."

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