Amendment 3 Would Cut Funds for Schools, Health Care, Roads and Other Services | Print |  E-mail
October 2012

“Funding for Florida schools, universities, roads and bridges, health programs for children and the elderly, public transit, and a wide range of other public services will fall significantly if voters enact Amendment 3 on Florida's November statewide ballot.

“This constitutional amendment would severely limit the amount of state revenue that the state can spend on services, using a formula that led to drastic cuts in public services in Colorado - the only state to have tried it.”

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities analyzes the effects on Florida and its quality of life if Amendment 3 passes on November 6.

“In short, adoption of this measure would make Florida a much less attractive place to work and live by undermining the state's ability to fulfill its current responsibilities toward its residents and make long-term investments that are fundamental to future prosperity.”

Read the CBPP report.