Amendment 8 Could Drain Billions from Public Schools | Print |  E-mail
September 2012

Amendment 8, the so called "Religious Freedom" constitutional amendment on the November general election ballot, could drain billions of dollars from Florida's public schools. It would rewrite the Constitution in a way that makes it easier to create a voucher program directing the use of state tax dollars to pay tuition to private schools.

Neither the ballot summary that voters will see when they go to the polls, nor the language of the amendment itself, mentions public schools. But if approved by voters, Amendment 8 would have a huge negative impact on public education, reducing funding further after years of previous education budget cuts.

K-12 budget cuts resulting from a universal voucher program pursuant to Amendment 8 could cost between $3.7 billion to $6.5 billion over five years, depending on how the voucher program is designed.

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