Behind Unemployment Numbers: Job Formation Continues Slowly | Print |  E-mail
June 2011

The number of jobs in Florida increased modestly in May, a continuation of a trend that began late in 2010. But the state has a long way to go before it regains the 900,000-plus jobs it lost due to the Great Recession.

Barring catastrophe, Florida will gain hundreds of thousands of jobs in coming years through natural growth as the economy strengthens.

A governor's role in job creation is limited, despite claims of responsibility for achieving Florida's modest job growth so far this year.

Although the Governor and legislative leaders insist that "government doesn't create jobs," they spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars each year, much of it going to large profitable corporations, hoping to create jobs.

Many economists doubt that incentives for companies in the hopes of creating jobs actually work.  The "net effect is to starve government of the resources it needs to finance the services it should be providing."

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